We began our game by choosing Elf Wizard, Guinevere. She is small, had long hair, wear white and dusty pink dress, her eyes big and green. She can fly and talk to animal.

Maps of Monkey Jungle
There were Monkey Jungle that nearest to Farm Land, Blue Choral Beach, Crowded Cat Town and the most scariest place, Hill Giant. there were six people which are Human Barbarian (Si Tompok), Human Druid (Merlin), Human Fighter (Aasimar), Elf Fighter (Kadaj Cloud), Elf Ranger (Park Ranger) and Elf Wizard (Guinevere).

Examples of characters of the games

The story began...

All of us need to attend Festival Art before dawn. In the Festival Art, there were performance of Gamelan, Dikir Barat, Batu Seremban, Deepavali, Ponggal and Lion Dance. While walking, we heard noises screamed. So, everyone wonder what was happening. "What we should do?" said Guinevere. Everyone keep asking. However, we were not brave enough to offer help because we noticed that the fierce screaming sound was coming from the Hill Giant. 

So, the mission began. All of fighters and wizards in order to help the festival. So then, all of us can go to the festival and celebrates it happily. 

Human Fighter, Aasimar makes a first move. Unfortunately, they make a decision refused to help because they feel scared of the giant. Then, they passed it to Human Barbarian, Si Tompok and asking for help. Again, Si Tompok also refused to help. However, Human Druid, Merlin who was the first that willing to help the festival.  

All fighters and wizards were facing the giant to fight it using their strength power. Some of them weak, hurt and lose while fighting at the Hill Giant. 

Guinevere takes a risk to fight alone the giant but she lose and bleeding so much because of the giant. It almost dawn. All the fighters and wizards already tired, sad, and feeling hurts. They  felt guilty but need to continue the journey to the Art Festival  sadly because they cannot save the place and people that need help.

To be continued...


During topic of Art and Culture , our group choose music traditional,  Gamelan. Gamelan  is the traditional ensemble music of Java and Bali in Indonesia, made up predominantly of percussive instruments. Gamelan is still commonly played on formal occasions and in many traditional Indonesian ceremonies. For most Indonesians, gamelan is an integral part of Indonesian culture.

We choose gamelan because  the use of Indonesian gamelan have special needs and the music has to offer music therapy practice. Then, we would choose Gamelan because it is famous and increasingly used for music activities. Whilst aims are broadly educational, therapeutic benefits are also being noted.

 There is little research into the effectiveness of this use of gamelan,the therapeutic benefits have not been researched within the context of music therapy. As an experienced music therapist and gamelan musician,we considered that investigating the potential for using gamelan within music therapy would produce new knowledge that could extend the practice of music therapy.
 Various qualitative methods within a naturalistic paradigm were used to investigate current and past practice of gamelan playing with special needs groups and to identify the therapeutic benefits. 
 Gamelan playing was found to have a range of therapeutic benefits which can be used intentionally by a music therapist to address therapeutic aims.

bad guys

If bad guys want to destroy our activities because he hate it, we will against it by by strengthening the military strategy and providing many tools and military forces to fight them. That's all from us.

Activities in class 1

Activities in class 2
With our best sporting English lecturer ever, Sir Khairul



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